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We're an award-winning legal team based in Virginia with a passion for helping ambitious entrepreneurs to protect their business. We believe in creating a real business to live our real lives - cause life is short!

“Rachel has been a HUGE help to me. I am not sure where my business would be right now with out the help of her firm. She is extremely patient in explaining things that don't quite make sense and is a joy to work with. Highly recommend her.”

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Managing Partner

Rachel Brenke

As an experienced intellectual property attorney and entrepreneur, Rachel is a senior member of Eden Law. She advises clients on all aspects of intellectual property, including registration and protection.

She has worked with small-business entrepreneurs to battle against large corporations for successful wins in copyright and trademark matters.

Outside of Eden Law she is an ironman triathlete, Team USA athlete, mother of five, Army veteran wife and dog-rescuer. She is also the host of a top business podcast, Real Biz Talk® and owns multiple businesses.

Associate Attorney

Tamar Yellin

Client Relations Manager

Ashley Kollmorgen

Law Clerk

Kathy Nichols

Kathy graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with her undergraduate degree in Organizational Leadership and her Master of Business Administration with a focus in Human Resource Management, Business Management, and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin—Whitewater. She is currently a second-year law student at Liberty University School of Law, with a focus on Business Law, Tax Law, and Estate Planning. Kathy’s resume includes experience in finance, insurance, medical administration, and compliance.

Kathy is a native Virginian, a mother of three, and the wife of a disabled Army Veteran. She enjoys spending time with her family and their two dogs, Bentley and Cocoa.

Contracted attorneys

25+ contracted attorneys in various states

Serving the following state-specific needs (ex. contracts): AZ, CA, DC, FL, GA, IL, MD, NE, NC, OR, SC, TX, VA, WA, WI.
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Ambitious Entrepreneurship

Our entire legal team, in-house and networked counsel, have an entrepreneurship background. We know what you're going through and what you will face - so we are the best legal team to help prevent issues before they happen!


Strategize for maximum impact, no exceptions.

We believe in combining legal recommendations with business strategy for optimal results.


Always overdeliver to our clients.

We believe in making it as easy as possible for you – the busy, ambitious entrepreneur.


Do things that inspire people.

We believe in living our “real life” with business as a supporting actor so that we can inspire others to do the same.