About Eden Law

We’re an award-winning legal team based in Virginia with a passion for helping ambitious entrepreneurs to protect their business.

We believe in creating a real business to live our real lives – cause life is short!

  • Woman-owned
  • Remote and flexible
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  • Experienced entrepreneurs
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Ambitious Entrepreneurship

Our entire legal team, in-house and networked counsel, have an entrepreneurship background. We know what you’re going through and what you will face – so we are the best legal team to help prevent issues before they happen!

  • Expert Guidance: With Rachel’s expertise, we offer specialized guidance on business formation, intellectual property, contract law, and more.
  • Tailored Solutions: We believe every business is unique. Our approach is to tailor our services to fit your specific needs.
  • Accessibility: Understanding that legal issues can be daunting, we prioritize clear communication and accessibility.

Rachel Brenke: Founder & Lead Attorney

Rachel Brenke is an accomplished attorney, entrepreneur, and business coach who specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of the legal landscape. With a J.D. and a Master’s in Business Administration, Rachel combines her rich educational background with real-world experience to provide practical, actionable advice.

As the founder of Eden Law, Rachel has dedicated her career to advocating for business owners, offering legal services that protect, enhance, and streamline their operations. Her legal expertise spans intellectual property, business formation, contract negotiation, and compliance.

Beyond her legal practice, Rachel is passionate about coaching business professionals. Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and online courses, she teaches strategies for business development, risk management, and sustainable growth. Her approach is uniquely holistic, ensuring that her clients not only succeed legally but thrive in their respective markets.

Rachel is also a prolific author and speaker, having written numerous articles and guidebooks on business law and entrepreneurship. Her insights are sought after at national conferences, where she speaks on empowering business owners through legal knowledge.

Driven by a mission to empower, Rachel’s coaching and legal advice have transformed many businesses. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, Rachel Brenke provides the tools and guidance necessary to navigate the business world with confidence and legal acuity.

Community Engagement and Philanthropy

At Eden Law, we believe in the power of giving back and are deeply committed to making a positive impact both within and beyond the business community. Rachel Brenke, our founder, is a passionate advocate for community involvement and dedicates her time and resources to various charitable activities and local initiatives.

Educational Outreach: Rachel frequently lends her expertise to workshops and conferences, sharing her knowledge to empower other entrepreneurs and business owners. Through these engagements, she hopes to inspire and elevate the next generation of entrepreneurs by making complex legal concepts accessible to everyone.

Philanthropic Efforts: Beyond education, Rachel and the Eden Law team are actively involved in philanthropic efforts. We partner with non-profits and community organizations to provide pro bono legal services and support causes that promote social justice and economic development.

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Strategize for maximum impact, no exceptions.

We believe in combining legal recommendations with business strategy for optimal results.


Always overdeliver to our clients.

We believe in making it as easy as possible for you – the busy, ambitious entrepreneur.


Do things that inspire people.

We believe in living our “real life” with business as a supporting actor so that we can inspire others to do the same.