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Your brand is the #1 important thing in your business. ⁣
⁣Sure. Other things are too. But your brand is what’s going to make or break your business if you can’t attract consumers and set yourself apart.

Good products and customer service are not enough anymore. ⁣

Think about your favorite companies. I’m sure some logos just came to mind (like Apple) Some color aesthetics (like Tiffanys). There’s a reason millions+ are put into brand. They are the foundation on which the pitch for sales of products and services sits.

Logo. Business name. Marketing assets (photo, video, content).
So why aren’t you spending more time protecting these things?
Seriously, it is so easy

What’s not easy is:
-rebranding if come to find out you infringed on someone else due to lack of research

-having another businesses bad reputation imparted on you

-consumers being confused between your business and another

-being stopped from using your brand because you actually never owned it.

Here’s the steps:
-make sure you own all your intellectual property. Have everyone who creates stuff for your business sign an intellectual property transfer document (even employees!)
-do proper searches before advertising a business name, program name etc.
-register for copyright protections on logos, photos, videos etc
-register for trademark protections on business name, logo

It is that simple.
Well worth the small investment of time and money to protect your brand.

Eden Law offers flat-rate All-in-one brand protection packages with proper copyright and trademark registrations, as well as supporting contractual documentation to ensure you OWN your brand.
Cause, friend, when you’re stuck dealing with the financial and administrative resources to change or after-the-fact defend your brand – you’ll regret not taking the steps.

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