Business set-up


a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade protected by required legal compliance and legal needs

Example: Limited Liability Company, Corporations, Trade names, etc.

Why to legally set up your business

Most states have a legal requirement for business set-up but you also want to choose legal tools that will separate your business liability from your personal liability!

Authority builder for marketing

Set yourself apart from competition and build consumer confidence with an official legal entity (LLC, Corp, etc.)

Eliminates customer confusion

Don't be a victim of confusing advertising by competitors - set up your business with a unique identifier to prevent consumer confusion

Increases your business value

By placing all assets, such as products/services and intellectual property in a legal entity you can increase your business value

Legally required

Depending on the type of business, choosing an LLC or other legal entity option may be required by your jurisdiction

Your competitors are

Point blank. Your competitors are legally protecting their business - you should too

Peace of mind

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by protecting your business

The details.

Business entity set-up is a crucial piece of legal protection.


All ambitious entrepreneurs should comply with legal requirements and choose legal tools to limit their personal liability

Whether you are new or seasoned - this is more than likely a #1 need you have right now.


Selecting proper business names so you don't infringe

Legal set-up with jurisdiction to reduce your personal liability

Marketing assets (Podcast/Youtube channel name)


Before you start taking any business at all - so all liability can be connected to the specific business entity and not to you personally

Warning: Do NOT DIY legal set-up

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