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Eden Law is a national boutique law firm helping entrepreneurs protect their assets, increase value of brand and stay out of court. We accomplish this through preventive legal business audits including business formation, contract drafting and reviews, as well copyright and trademark matters. We look forward to welcoming you into the Eden Law Family!

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FREE case evaluation

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Initial Legal Planning Meeting

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We are different than most firms - and that includes our intake process.

We know that as a busy entrepreneur you are tight on time and money. To respect this, we do a free internal legal evaluation with the information you send over. During this we determine if we are able to take the case and if your case/needs have merit.

ONLY if we determine both - then do we set you for an Initial Strategy Meeting with one of our attorneys. This meeting is not a consultation, remember - that's been done for you for FREE!

After this meeting you'll walk away with all available legal options, advisement, recommendations and a clear picture of what to do next.


We are entrepreneurs, just like you! We value flexibility, protection and ease of business.

We also understand budget constraints as a small business owner - which is why we offer all-inclusive flat-rate packages.

Trademark Matters
starts at $1499

Legal Business Audit
starts at $450

Contract drafting/review
starts at $900

Copyright matters
start at $799


As an primarily virtual law firm you can contact us in a variety of ways!

M-F 9-5pm Eastern

(833) 427-9327

1011 Charles Street Fedral House, First Floor Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

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