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Legal services are custom quoted based on your specific needs. The average client invests $5500 in their first round of legal protection.

Why should I choose Eden Law?

Simply, we are the best at what we do.  From working with entrepreneurs and actually being entrepreneurs (outside of law!) we have a very specific and sought after skill set.

But more so than that. We know exactly what you need.  Our flat-rate proposals help you to manage your budget, not over-pay AND get the comprehensive services your business needs. SEE WHO WE’VE WORKED WITH

We have successfully negotiated, litigated and represented across-the-table from these major corporations:

    • Royal Caribbean Cruise line
    • Mars Candy
    • Air BnB
    • Marriott hotels
    • Fairmont hotels
    • Vogue magazine
    • Essence magazine
    • Popsugar
    • Conde Naste media (USA today, Yahoo)
    • BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.)
    • ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)
    • American Greetings

So many times we see lawyers who simply serve that one narrow need and don’t look at the 80,000 foot view to predict legal problems and prevent them.

How is Eden Law different from other law firms?

  • Flat-rate to help you smartly budget
  • Quick and efficient (typically services rendered within a week)
  • Virtual and flexible (in-person meetings available at our Central Park office)
  • Multi-state licensed managing partner and vast network of attorneys
  • Scope of services – copyright, contracts, trademark, merger/acquisition
  • Intensive transactional and litigation experience at State and Federal levels

Do I have to pay to speak to an attorney?

Yes – why? Because we are not going to waste your time to meet, tell us your needs THEN hit you with an obnoxiously large quote.

After you fill our our intake, we will provide a FREE internal evaluation to see if we can help you and provide a custom estimate. If we can’t we will tell you! If we can, we will keep the already scheduled Legal Strategy meeting. This is not “just talking” with attorney to see if we can help.

But an ambitious and serious entrepreneur, like you, already sees the value in a good legal team!

What do I get in the Initial Legal Strategy Meeting?

An intensive( and fun) 30-minute zoom call with assigned attorney and paralegal where you can ask all questions, get all answers and you will be given a written legal strategy plan.

Our Initial Legal Strategy Plan will be detailed in phases based on legal recommendations combined with entrepreneurial understandings.  The plan will accompany estimated costs and why each item is needed

Isn't DIY or Legal Zoom Cheaper?

Actually, no.  We’ve done the math for you.  It just seems like it is cheaper.  You are receiving less services, experienced and intimate advisement when using a “box” website.

Example – Our Trademark packages are all-inclusive because over 55% of trademark apps are rejected from the USPTO.  Whether a DIY or through LZ, you will not be prepared to respond to these rejections and can lose your mark before you ever start.  Our firm provides unlimited administrative and substantive responses.

Further, we have many clients who came to us for “clean up” after LZ services – costing the client more time, money and energy.

Jurisdiction Licensing

We have a network of contracted attorneys who work for state-specific (contracts, business set-up) in conjunction with our federal capabilities (copyright and trademark). We have availability for United States-based, as well as Canada.

Contracts and litigation are only for the states of: AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MD, NE, NC, OR, SC, TX, VA, WA, WI.

You get expert entrepreneurial AND legal know-how, without having to hire an additional team.