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Our Process

Easy on your time and money!

We are different than most firms – and that includes our intake process. 

We know that as a busy entrepreneur you are tight on time and money.  To respect this, we do an free internal consultative evaluation with the information you send over.

The evaluation determines

  • if we are able to take the case
  • if your case/needs have merit

ONLY if we determine both  – then do we set you for an Initial Strategy Meeting with one of our attorneys.

This meeting is not a typical consultation, remember – that’s been done!

This meeting will result in actual legal strategy options for you.

M-F 9-5pm Eastern
(833) 427-9327
1011 Charles Street
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Frequently asked questions

  • What states do you work in?
  • Initial Meeting Details
  • Do we have to meet in person?
  • How much is your rate?

Managing Partner , Rachel Brenke, is licensed in Texas and Virginia… however…the good news is that all copyright and trademark work is federal – so we are able to do all of that for you!

For contracts, business and other state-specific legalities (contracts, setting up LLC, etc). we have an entire team of contracted attorneys with licenses in various states to serve you.

Check out to see if we have your state here.

We are often asked why we don’t provide free consultations – guess what? We do!

When you submit your details, the team does a FREE internal evaluation to determine if we can meet your needs and/or if your case has merit to move forward on.  Only once we’ve determined we can serve you, then do we schedule the initial meeting.

Our initial meetings are actual strategy meetings, since we’ve already done the heavy lifting. This avoids wasting your time staring at us while we read a 50+ page contract, we will have already done that!

You will walk away from meetings with knowledge + real options!

While we have multiple offices and contracted attorneys all around the United States -NO we don’t have to meet in person. We can do phone or zoom!

Aha – the ever most important question. In true lawyer fashion we say – it depends.

Since we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand sensitivity to pricing and investment. We aim to do flatrate project work so that you don’t have to worry. You can see details on our services page.

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