Protecting your Assets

On this page you’ll find general information about copyright infringement, calculate estimated damages and options of how we can help!

What can be infringed





audio/sound recordings

software code

How assets can be infringed





*all without permission in a commercial manner

Know your options

Take-down notice or DMCA filings

Request removal of your intellectual property through a take-down notice or DMCA. This option typically does not have a monetary return.


Demand letter (DIY or attorney)

A demand letter can demand removal of the intellectual property, as well as monetary recovery.


Federal litigation options

Options may include filing with the copyright small claims board and/or a federal lawsuit.


Estimate Your Recovery

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Calculate your damages.
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Be advised, this estimator is only for that…estimations. This is not a guarantee of recovery.  Your results may vary.
“Bad acts tax” in the calculator is a rough breakout of additional damages in addition to your lost licensing fees. This is NOT a legal term of art.

How Eden Law has helped others

All names are generic to protect legal and confidentiality interests.  We cannot guarantee the same results as all cases vary.

Representing small business against major corporations

We have successfully negotiated, litigated and represented across-the-table from these major corporations:

Royal Caribbean Cruise line
Mars Candy
Air BnB
Marriott hotels
Fairmont hotels
Vogue magazine
Essence magazine
Conde Naste media (USA today, Yahoo)
BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.)
ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)
American Greetings

Ready to protect your assets?

DIY Letters

Pursue recovery yourself with our sister site, TheLawTog, and send infringement demand letters on your own behalf.

Hire Eden Law to crush them!

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