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On this page you'll find our recommendations for resolving copyright issues PLUS how we approach it here at the firm.

When enforcing your intellectual property rights and protecting your work – it can be overwhelming. We can help.


  • Identify all violations of federal law
  • Cease & desist from a lawyer
  • Demand lost licensing profits
  • Educate infringers on the law

Intellectual Property ProtectionCOPYRIGHT DEMAND LETTER

The #1 need our firm is sought after for is copyright infringement.  We have found that through the many cases we’ve done  – the majority of copyright infringement can be resolved with sending a proper demand letter.

We understand budgetary needs of small to mid-sized businesses and how overwhelming this area of law can be.  To manage costs we provide flat rate representation for copyright infringement cases.

Figuring out the numbersHOW MUCH CAN I DEMAND?

As a firm who has actively gone up against many copyright infringers and received favorable results, we have developed an approach that makes it difficult for infringers to ignore your demand.

The key to an appropriate demand is by use of a justification formula.    We typically use this structure:

Demand amount + administrative enforcement + potential licensing = Total Demand Amount

  • Demand amount = standard licensing rates, lost profits, and gain by infringer. We also include monetary value for the bad act on top of this standard licensing.
  • Administrative enforcement = recoupment of attorneys fees and time, even if you don’t have a registered work
  • Potential licensing = If you want to properly license the work to the infringer going forward, you can ask for that too

Getting what you deserveWHAT DO WE WRITE?

We draft differently than other copyright lawyers. Many pump out form letters with very little knowledge and facts. We hand-craft each letter and develop heart-tugging yet professional arguments for this “theft” on the entrepreneur.

Here’s an example of our our letters are drafted:

  • Identify all case facts – We let them know what happened and when.
  • Remove all objections – If you don’t have a registration, we automatically include an affidavit of ownership to remove this objection.
  • Educate – We demonstrate a willingness to educate the infringer while preserving legal claims
  • Formulaic – Presentation of a well drafted and thought out formula will make for an easier and expedient resolution

The ResolutionTHEN WHAT?

One of the top questions we receive is, what if we don’t get a response back?

The Firm has yet to receive a single case that does not receive a response.  We credit this to the well-laying out of facts, formula and editorial composition of the demand.  We, obviously, can’t guarantee results but are confident in our steps.

We are confident because we work intimately with you to not endlessly send letters or spend money with no result.

The Ultimate QuestionSHOULDN'T WE JUST SUE?

Filing a federal law is an extremely important decision to make.

We only suggest this under unique circumstances, such as registered image, types of usages and other facts in your infringement case.

On the spectrum of options, litigation is typically our last resort.


Aha! The ever-elusive answer that isn’t often found on attorney’s websites. We don’t mind sharing. We provide affordable, flat rate packages to our clients.

Copyright infringement demand letter packages start at $1499.

Notable Cases

We strive to achieve these results with all our cases, however, we don’t guarantee their results and this release does not provide identification of what your situation may result in.
  • Win Against AirBnB
  • Win Against PopSugar

Issue: Air BnB infringed on international photographers photographs

Opposing party: Air BnB, Inc.

Subject matter: Copyright – photographs (registered and unregistered)

Claim:  AirBnB infringed on client’s photographs through wrongfully distributing and providing “permission” for major media news outlets to distribute also

Court of jurisdiction:  Not needed. All settled in house.

Resolution: Successful settlement for undisclosed amount in favor of client.

Issue: According to our complaint, embedded below, this industry-leading blog re-posted photographs without permission on their website and interfered with our client’s business.

These photographs contained the likeness of a well-known Instagram influencer and model. The blog took it upon themselves to not only use the photographs without the photographer’s permission, but also benefited from our client’s publicity rights without permission.

Additionally, as our complaint below notes, the blog also removed the influencer’s affiliate links, which is her source of revenue, and attached their own unique URL links to acquire funds.

Subject matter: Publicity rights –  the right of an individual to control the commercial use of his or her name, image, likeness, or other unequivocal aspects of one’s identity.

Claim:  Unauthorized use of likeness

Court of jurisdiction:  United States District Court – Western District of Virginia – Charlottesville Division

Resolution: Successful settlement for undisclosed amount in favor of client.

View filing here

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