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Life and business are adjusting to a “new normal” amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, but don’t start ramping up your business operations until you make sure you’re protected – get a COVID-19 specific liability waiver and safeguard against potential legal trouble!

Who should use a waiver?

Managing partner of our firm Rachel Brenke explained it best, saying in a recent interview with Money Magazine:  “Normally waivers are associated with risky businesses, like rock climbing or sky diving, but now COVID makes most businesses inherently risky.” Anyone who is coming into contact with the public when providing  business services should consider using a COVID-19 liability waiver – salons, restaurants, photographers and videographers, retail marketplaces, etc.

What’s a waiver do?

A waiver is a document where the participant of an activity assumes the risk associated with their participation in that activity. You might have signed a liability waiver when you joined a gym, had a surgery, etc.

Why do I need a COVID-19 liability waiver?

Even though some waivers cover a release from liability for events such as illness, it’s important during these unprecedented times to let your customers know that participation in whatever services your business offers means they’re taking responsibility for any exposure to COVID-19 that may lead to their illness. The more specific the better, especially when dealing with a global pandemic – this way if any customer complaint comes against you in the future, you have a signed waiver from the customer acknowledging they’re assuming the specific risk and that you aren’t liable!

How to use it: 

Have your patrons read through and sign the waiver on or before arriving to your place of business, before providing them with any services. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of the waiver’s protections, be certain you’re complying with all state and local COVID-19 guidelines – if you aren’t, you’re still exposing yourself to liability. A waiver can’t protect you from breaking state and local laws!

Want to safeguard your business? You’re in luck! We’re offering discounted custom-tailored COVID-19 liability waivers to our current customers. Reach out to us at and we’ll get working for you. 

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