We want to helpWe’re in this together.

As people with entrepreneurial spirit, just like you, we want to help.

WHO WE AREWe’re in this together.
You and us.

By cooperating with other lawyers across the United States, our original values remain an integral part of our philosophy and approach to client work. We want to help those with entrepreneurial spirt - even if your life circumstances may be a barrier.
We donate pro-bono time to help you get set up right.
We provide business planning so you can succeed.

WHAT WE DOGiving back to those who need it.

Our firm is dedicated to helping those with entrepreneurial spirit. We specifically work with domestic violence victims to help get them out of circumstances and into business.

The “Eden Gives” program is to give back to domestic violence victims who have a desire to be an entrepreneur.  After applying for the program, applications are evaluated by a board and then awarded to receive some key foundations needed to get a “step up” for business.

LLC/Corp Formation
1 hour - Wealth Management Advisement
1 hour - Tax Advisement
Professional hair cut and styling
$50 credit - Local Boutique

Looking to donate as an "Eden Gives" partner?

Let's get you into business!Ready to apply?

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