Firm Highlight: There are Paralegals, then there’s Beth

Beth Short is our fantastic and multitalented paralegal.  As a graduate of Virginia Tech with a communications degree, Beth is extremely capable in research, coordinating with the attorneys, and helping us meet your timeline, and can handle pretty much anything else that goes on in “the office.” Beth is the kind of person who instead of saying “what do I have to do?” will say “what can I do?” She is a wealth of knowledge, and is quick to learn anything she doesn’t already know.

When Beth is not hard at work helping our attorneys, she can be found enjoying some of her favorite things, such as Disney World, working out, or watching romantic comedies from the ’90s.

About the author

As an experienced intellectual property attorney and entrepreneur, Rachel is the managing partner and senior attorney of Eden Law. She advises clients on all aspects of intellectual property, including registration and protection. She has worked with small-business entreprenurs battle against large corporations for successful wins in copyright and trademark matters.

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