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When “hanging out your shingle” you can feel bound and overwhelmed by all the legalities. This is where Eden Law comes in – to do it all for you.


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A cornerstone of protection in business is having and using proper lawyer-drafted contracts. Even if you are a lawyer yourself, you may not be a contracts lawyer.

Here’s a list of needs for you:

  • Engagement agreements with clients
  • Agreements to hire assistants, contractors and employees
  • Contracting for logo and photography services

We offer these contract bundles flat fee.


PROTECT YOUR BRANDTrademark Protection

All businesses spend time, money, and energy on creating a brand.

So, why are you not protecting that brand?

  • Reduce consumer confusion
  • Maintain your valuable brand
  • Preserve your Search Engine Optimization

In an industry where there are a ton of lawyers, it is essential to protect your brand and stand out.  Lawyers should be registering business name and logo with the Trademark office.

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BUSINESS PROTECTIONProper entity formation

Another  cornerstone of protection in business is creating your creative business into an entity structure that provides limited personal liability.

  • PLLC/ PC setup
  • Operating Agreement/By Laws documents
  • Intellectual property asset transfer document
  • Physical asset transfer document
  • Advisement on maintaining protection

PROTECT YOUR IPCopyright Protection

Lawyers often skip over copyright protection when getting into business.  This is simply because they have nothing to protect.

Here are recommended items:

  • logo
  • photographs
  • custom-created documents
  • blog and social media posts
  • website text

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