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Successful settlement for international photographer

Issue: Air BnB infringed on international photographers photographs

Opposing party: Air BnB, Inc.

Subject matter: Copyright – photographs (registered and unregistered)

Claim:  AirBnB infringed on client’s photographs through wrongfully distributing and providing “permission” for major media news outlets to distribute also.

Court of jurisdiction:  Not needed. All settled in house.

Resolution: Successful settlement for undisclosed amount in favor of client.


Instagram Influencer wins settlement against POPSUGAR

Issue: According to our complaint, embedded below, this industry-leading blog re-posted photographs without permission on their website and interfered with our client’s business.

These photographs contained the likeness of a well-known Instagram influencer and model. The blog took it upon themselves to not only use the photographs without the photographer’s permission, but also benefited from our client’s publicity rights without permission.

Additionally, as our complaint below notes, the blog also removed the influencer’s affiliate links, which is her source of revenue, and attached their own unique URL links to acquire funds.

Subject matter: Publicity rights –  the right of an individual to control the commercial use of his or her name, image, likeness, or other unequivocal aspects of one’s identity.

Claim:  Unauthorized use of likeness

Court of jurisdiction:  United States District Court – Western District of Virginia – Charlottesville Division

Resolution: Successful settlement for undisclosed amount in favor of client.

View filing here

TRADEMARKIRUNTHISBODY® win over petitioner

Client keeps valuable brand name

Issue:  Opposing party submitted a petition to cancel client’s existing and well-known trademark, which she used daily as a source indicator for her blog and brand.

Opposing party: Entrepreneur in the same field

Subject matter: Trademark – cancellation

Claim:  Opposing party wrongly submitted cancellation to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a registered trademark which our client had the rights to use.

Court of jurisdiction:  Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

Resolution: Successful – petition for cancellation was dismissed and client kept her registered trademark.

TRADEMARKGreeting card corporate giant buys trademark

Leveraged sales price and purchase of mark

Issue: Industry-leading greeting card company seeking to acquire client’s trademarks

Opposing party: Confidential

Subject matter: Trademark- branding intellectual property such as logo and business name

Claim:  No claim. Amicable offer and sale of trademarks.

Court of jurisdiction:  Not needed. All settled in house.

Resolution: Successful settlement for undisclosed amount in favor of client. Trademarks successfully assigned to company with a license for client to continue use of marks under her business.

View public records here

TRADEMARKClient maintains valuable brand

Policed multiple infringers

Issue: Discovered multiple infringers causing actual and potential confusion in marketplace by using business names similar to Client’s federally registered mark.

Opposing parties: Confidential

Subject matter: Trademark- word mark of business name for public relations services

Claim:  Opposing party using same or similar name for same or similar services as client.

Court of jurisdiction:  Not applicable.

Resolution: Successful re-branding by all parties. No need for litigation.

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