We make it easyOUR PROCESS

With a primarily virtual-based approach,
we easily fit into your business entrepreneurial schedule.

WHO WE AREWe on-board differently than most firms

Instead of wasting your time with an initial meeting without knowing if we can even meet your legal needs (or whether you even have needs to be met!), we do an internal complimentary consultative review. Our team takes a look at the information provided, and if we determine we can help then we will work together to get a meeting scheduled.

Then what?Initial meetings are for legal strategy creation

Instead of wasting your time with a consultative meeting where you’ll receive little to no legal advisement or strategy, we set it up so that our initial meetings are legal strategy meetings. Remember, we do the heavy lifting complimentary before ever getting on the calendar.  Leaving this initial meeting you’ll have strategic legal options and advisement.

Getting you on boardA standard of efficiency and ease.

Most of our on-boarding and rendering of legal services is done in a virtual capacity.  With electronic contracts, virtual delivery of documents, and flexibility, we aim to have an eco-friendly and entrepreneur-friendly environment.

This is not to say you can’t meet us face-to-face!  Want to come in-person? Just ask!

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