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At Eden Law we work with entrepreneurs and our main goal is to prevent issues and help your business be more valuable! This can be done through legal mechanisms to protect your brand. 


One of the craziest things I see. ⁣

So many building brands. Spending money on it. Long hours in it. Tears and wine. ⁣

But some many aren’t doing a thing to legally protect it. ⁣

Let me ask you… ⁣

-what are you gonna do when you realize your potential customers are confusing you and the brand down the street ⁣
-what are you gonna think when someone with a similar business name has a baddd reputation but due to this confusion it’s imparted on you ⁣

That’s just the tip. ⁣

Frankly. Why if you’re putting all this time in and boasting about success are you willing to risk it all? ⁣

Seriously. ⁣

High-level needs for your brand:⁣
-intellectual property transfer of rights to you by contract ⁣
-trademark business name ⁣
-trademark logo ⁣
-copyright logo ⁣
-copyright marketing assets⁣

Cause, here’s the deal folks. It’s not IF something happens that can hurt your brand. It’s when. ⁣

Let’s take a peek at the trademark aspect: 
By registering your source indicator with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you lock in special protections to the business and brand you work hard to develop.


There are different ways to loop register your mark depending on what fits your current business activity, but depending on the type of registration, some of the benefits include:
  • You have exclusive rights to use the mark, so you can keep others from using a similar mark that may cause confusion and draw customers away from your business
  • You are credited with the legal assumption that you own the rights to the registered mark
  • You can file an infringement suit in federal court should someone use your mark in connection with the same or similar business services
The flat fee trademark application package includes:
  • pre-application research to evaluate your mark
  • one-on-one attorney advisement
  • strategic brand planning advisement
  • application submission
  • unlimited Office Actions

September promo: $500 off brand protection packages through 09/30/2020

Current availability: 1 spot (if you book for an October appointment we will still honor the discount!

 How much does it cost?


In true lawyer fashion, the response is: it depends. The initial evaluation and information you send over is $0. An attorney will review documentation to ensure that you have a protectable name and/or logo .  If it’s determined it is protectable then you will he contacted for an Initial Legal Strategy meeting . In that Strategy Meeting, you and the attorney will go over all protectable options and determine the best packages

Our package rates are as follows (and are all-inclusive flat-rate) :

Copyright marketing assets begins at $900

Trademark services range from $500 to $2500

The Ultimate Brand Protection package- as outlined above starts at $7500

Can’t I just do this myself?

We are sure that you are an incredibly smart entrepreneur- cause you’re reading this! But, intellectual property law and protections aren’t as simple as filling out a form . There’s evaluations and strategy that needs evaluated for actual protection . It’s unfortunate that we spend so much time cleaning up DIY or these “trademark shops” messes .  Here’s more info on why using an attorney is smart  HERE.  Just remember- you only get one chance to do it right. Don’t waste time and energy only to get a false protection.


Alright. Let’s do this together! Contact us here  


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