I am excited to connect! As you can imagine, life with 5 kids and multiple businesses is busy so I have this page to help us get connected!

Below, you can see the information that differentiates a 212 business chat versus inquiry for legal services. I have to abide by specific ethics laws due to my professional license, so I'm sure you understand!


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Before we get to scheduling...here is a bit about me...

As a founding partner at Eden Law, I’ve had the privilege of blending my passion for law with my entrepreneurial drive. With a focus on intellectual property, business law, and contracts, I’ve worked diligently to provide top-notch legal services to my clients.

My journey into law began after a career in competitive athletics, where I learned the value of discipline and perseverance. Since then, I’ve been honored to be recognized as a Texas Super Lawyers Rising Star, a recognition that speaks to my commitment to excellence in the legal profession.

Beyond my legal practice, I’m passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering others. Through my writing and speaking engagements, I strive to demystify legal concepts and provide practical advice to entrepreneurs. My books, including “The Laundry List: A Mom’s Guide to Running a Successful Business and Home,” reflect my dedication to helping others navigate the complexities of balancing work and personal life.

I’m also the founder of The LawTog®, a platform dedicated to providing legal resources and education for photographers and creatives. Through The LawTog®, I aim to equip fellow entrepreneurs with the tools they need to protect and grow their businesses.

My journey as a legal professional and advocate for small business owners continues to be deeply fulfilling, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact in both the legal and entrepreneurial communities.

I definitely want to connect with you but we need to figure out the best path forward!

I’d love to schedule a “biz chat” To me, this is about each other as people – NO legal advisement or even a quote can be developed for legal services due to ethics laws.

The scheduler will default to zoom meeting.

If you want some legal advisement and/or quote (legal audit) for services, I am legally required by law and insurance to do it under an initial meeting agreement.

Please use this link to become an official potential legal client I can discuss sensitive matters with.